Voting: Get Out and Be Informed

After looking at the absentee ballot in the mail, I realized how little I knew especially for the local/county positions. I created a shared document with some resources about the contested races and referendums in my local ballot (Saint Paul MN, Ramsey County). The resources are not extensive, but is a starting point. Many of the discussion pieces are from blogger, Naomi Kritzer, whom personally reached out to many candidates. Show her your love and support.

Why should you care?

  • If we want to address systemic inequity, protect the disenfranchised, and criminal justice reform, then local elections matter!

Why should you share/ be informed?

  • My initial reaction from seeing the ballot was emotional rather than rational (i.e. frustrated by the system). By seeing AND interacting with the ballot ahead of time, we can make clear-headed decisions.

Please feel free to add anything to the document i.e. more relevant articles ; Add a new tab if you want to put your local area information too.

P.S. I learned a few surprising things by putting this together.  I will give a not-so-brief PSA on why we should vote from my perspective (i.e. an independent citizen)

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