I’m both a social science researcher, programmer, and practitioner of data services. I’m a competent data scientist, because I’m skeptical of data. I know what can and cannot be said.

Researcher Skills/Principles: 

  • A true researcher seeks the truth, not the result
  • Economic Researcher Background: Statistics, predictive analytics, machine learning, and data reporting
  • Design scientific/casual studies and create proxy variables if data is not availale
  • Program Evaluation
  • Design Reports for respective audience
  • Reports should be proactive and promote actionable results

Programmer Skills/ Principles:

  • Technical Language Competency: R, Matlab, Stata, Python, T-SQL language (best)
  • Values: efficiency, scalability, storage, execution, automation, and quality assurance (QA)
  • Strong working back-end knowledge with Student Information System (SIS)
  • Writing complex algorithms/functions for data transformations and reporting
  • Streamline the databases for easy access and query execution

Work-related Projects at South Washington County Schools

  • Vision Card: Primary aggregate accountability tool that utilize the growth measures and test scores primarily based on Minnesota Department Education (MDE) standards and show inequity gaps.
    • Changed from static to dynamic document; follow the same cohorts
    • Expanded comprehensive metrics w/ expansion to high schools
    • Expanded demographics that include transfer students, former ESL students
    • Introduced achievement gaps changes
    • Create interactive report that is accessed electronically and updated daily
    • User-friendly (fit in one page) and customization for respective school
  • Benchment Assessment System (BAS) capture system/reporting: BAS was the primary early literary assessment and diagnostic tool administered preK to third grade
    • Created/ administered/ Programmed all reporting
    • Numerous conditional formatting to respective student/ audience
    • Added Growth Measures and expected growth measures
    • Customized reports for diverse audience (teachers, reading specialists etc.)
  • Growth Trajectory Map: An individualized display of current and past growth projections for individual map
    • Answer the question: How many years of “high growth” is necessary for a student to be proficient?
    • Customized SQL report that displays that shows student
    • Compares actual results respect to past projections in one chart