Flash Sledding in Frogtown 2019

Welcome to the Flash Sledding Event in Frogtown Park and Farms 2018-19 homepage. We are planning to have the event on a snow day (school is closed!) sometime in February- March weather permitting. There will be hot cocoa stations and other surprises!  

**We are currently still at the beginning logistics, outreach, and team-building with members The next meeting will be early January and will be focusing on team-building**

The central tenet of the sledding project is that it will be accessible to ALL families. We want to authentically connect with families by reaching out to community/ residential leaders and we are willing to pick up families and bring them here. The bigger picture is to enable kids to design activities beyond sledding, and allow parents/ residential leaders to lead this initiative. You can learn more, “The Bigger Picture”

This is currently, a grassroots initiative, which means community members are organizing, designing, and leading it. Just to be clear, the organization, Frogtown Farms, is a partner organization and it’s not their program. We aim to make the sledding event a tradition! You can read more, “My Vision”

This is an ambitious project, and we cannot do it without your support and community partners! We will be creating long cherished memories for the youth and build community pride!

There are many ways to contribute:

  1. Become a member of the organizing team! More steps can be found here: Member Participation Page
  2. For non-members, you can share your vision, perspectives, and concerns. Anonymity is offered. Community Participation Page
  3. Donate? (Will figure out this process in due time)

To get further updates for non-members:  

  1. If you are on Facebook, please join the facebook group: here 
  2. Ask to join the public email listserve: here