Organizing Member Page

Organizing Member Expectations and Commitments

It’s awesome that you want to help to make this project a reality. In true grassroots fashion, we want members to share their vision, contribute, and take leadership. Each member brings unique experiences, strengths, connections, and assets to this project. 

For our local partners and organizations, this is a great opportunity to serve, represent, and enrich our community both prior and during the event.

Please quickly go over the following documents before joining:

Excited!? Come on aboard! Please feel free to shoot me an email to join the organizing team!;

Membership Goals

We are still in the early stages of team formation; so please share to others at the “speed of trust” and offer suggestions in community leaders that we should reach out to.

Roster/Demographic Goal Posts

  • How can we assure that each member can participate in something they are skilled/ passionate about?
  • How can we encourage local youth/ residents to be involved in the action committee?
  • How can we assure that each action committee have the resources, expertise, and personnel for success?
  • How can we encourage multitude of perspectives, including gender, age, and ethnicity within the organizing team?